A cold walk round Kingston Lacy

I met up with my parents this past weekend, and we went for a walk around the National Trust estate at Kingston Lacy. The place wasn’t fully open yet, still hunkered down and working through the cold weather, but they were celebrating the carpets of snowdrops that were across some of the gardens. We thought we’d brave the freezing conditions (there were literal snow drops falling at times) to have a look at nature in action.





They seem a bit blurry on closer inspection, I think I’ve forgotten how to take decent photographs. Either that, or it was so cold, I couldn’t be bothered to take my gloves off to get it in focus. Anyway, I can see how this Kingston Lacy place is one that people must go back to time and again, to see the gardens evolve and how they progress and change through the seasons. Lovely.

Signs of spring, a photo or two

I managed a quick visit to my parents over the weekend – something long overdue. We’ve had some unseasonably hot weather recently (although what is seasonable these days?) and it really felt like spring and summer were here to stay. Of course, today it’s cold, but that makes looking at these photos all the more pleasant. It’s always nice to visit my mum and dad’s garden as they put a lot of effort into it and the results are clear.

I did not inherit this green-fingered-ness.

(Photos taken with iPhone 4S, processed via Snapseed.)

My Flickr pro account is due to expire soon, and I’m wondering whether I get enough use out of it to warrant a renewal.