Baby Panda Thursday #100

Credit: San Diego Shooter/Flickr

Today is the 100th edition of Baby Panda Thursday, and, I’m afraid to say, the last. It’s been an absolute pleasure to scour through photos of pandas every week (give or take) for the last two and a half years, but I’m determined that Thursdays will not be bad days anymore, and they will not need the cuteness to cheer me up. Don’t think for a second that this is the last you’ll see of pandas on the site, though.

As the series comes to an end, it’s worth looking back at some of the best posts from 100 editions of Baby Panda Thursday:

Thank you for all the suggestions and panda-related things you’ve sent my way. Don’t forget you can adopt a panda if you want to support the good work of the WWF. Otherwise, look out for more panda stuff soon, albeit not on a Thursday.

Baby Panda Thursday #99

The BBC have a new series on at the moment called Nature’s Miracle Babies, and the first episode featured lots of cute and cuddly baby pandas. I only half-watched it really, jealous of the man getting to play around with the balls of fluff, and also slightly concerned when they practically ripped his plastic apron from him as they played.

I watched and blogged a BBC documentary on the almost impossibility of pandas reproducing, so I’m well aware of their “miracle” status. Still, they are cute when they finally arrive.


Baby Panda Thursday #98

Whilst wandering around the Steam Fair last weekend, we found a line of displays that showed off how smaller engines could deliver a steady stream of water. One couple in particular had a unique way of showing off their technology.

I should have taken video really, because the panda was hooked up to the lever and pumping away at the water. Back and forth he went, poor thing. It was like slave labour!

If working a panda is not bad enough, why not try eating one? I just found this video for making a panda cake. Mmm, cake.

Baby Panda Thursday #97

I am a terrible artist. I can see things in my head, but there is some kind of communication lost between my imagination and my hand, so that a pencil drawing ends up looking terrible.

Nevertheless, I recently got lost in a world of “how to draw” videos on YouTube, and when I realised it was Baby Panda Thursday today, I thought the two things would combine quite nicely.

First, I followed this video, but I must admit, my panda looks nothing like theirs. It’s not particularly cute, and looks like its wearing Speedos, with polo mints for feet.

I loved how easy this one was, how quickly it came together, and I enjoyed drawing in pen instead of pencil. My tree does look a bit like a road though.

Finally, I got a bit overambitious. I don’t really know anything about shading, so I was just trying my best to copy his work and hoping it might look okay. The right hand side of the panda went very wonky. In the tutorial, the end of the arm is hidden behind a bamboo leaf but my bamboo didn’t reach that far.

Also, the feet ended up a bit like those monster feet slippers, which I used to own a pair of.

I quite like this one, but erm, I won’t give up the day job.