The Time Traveller's Almanac by Ann VanderMeer

Published April 23, 2015

The Time Traveller's Almanac by Ann VanderMeer

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A collection of short stories about time travel? Heaven. This book collates old and new from across the genres to pull together an epic book stacked full of time travel goodness. I love the concept of time travel so this was right up my street. As with any collection of short stories, there are some that appeal and some that don’t, but there were far more hits than misses.

The double-sided story of a man visiting his younger self, the romantic look at what ifs, the colonisers arriving on a half speed planet, the house that gets stuck in a time loop, and so much more. The Red Letter Day story, about having the opportunity to send just one letter to yourself and the ramifications of that, still swirls around in my head.

The variety is great, from stories so real you feel like it could happen, to the more fantastical sci-fi prose pushing at planetary boundaries, to little snippets of “factual” fun - time travel songs, and what you should wear when you travel as fashions change.

I picked at this book over the course of a couple of months, indulging in a story here and there, every now and again. It was brilliant, and I’m off in search of more time travel collections as we speak!

Rating: Unrated

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