Rapid Response by Lisa Walder

Published January 18, 2013

Rapid Response by Lisa Walder

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This is another of a growing list of “occupational memoirs” that I’ve been enjoying over the last few years. Tales from people in interesting jobs - most notably the ambulance service, and hospitals. This time it’s Lysa, who trained as a nurse but craved the excitement of the unknown and retrained as a paramedic.

The stories are nice, Lysa has a way of making them about more than just the actual events - each memory has a point, and it’s not a moan about the NHS or the way human beings can be, they’re almost more philosophical than that. It’s hard to describe, but it’s well written and I enjoyed it.

Quite short, but easy to digest and the stories are gathered into nice collections such as “relationships” and “it shouldn’t happen to a paramedic.” Some of the stories really shouldn’t!

Rating: Unrated

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