Day of the Predator by Alex Scarrow

Published July 25, 2012

Day of the Predator by Alex Scarrow

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I read the first book of this series a while back and although I enjoyed the time travel subject, I wasn’t completely sold on the book itself. However, I was always going to give the second one a go and when I couldn’t decide what to read off my list, I thought I’d head back to my favourite sci-fi concept.

Having already set up all the characters and the set up of the time travelling agency, this second book was a much more enjoyable and easy read. It probably also helped that I had just finished the Clan of the Cave Bear recently, as a lot of this book was set in dinosaur/jungle times.

I enjoyed the book, particularly the twist in the end - which I only saw coming a few paragraphs before it actually happened - and I’m looking forward to the next one. I’m also happy to see that the series is set at nine books, which means there’s a story arc that will hopefully come to a nice neat conclusion.

Rating: Unrated

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