On the record 2019, Part 1: The disco numbers are untouchable

Before you know it, another year begins and it’s time to start listening to more albums. As an annual tradition to kick off the year, let me just run through the rules of the game:

Each week, I listen to two albums. One is selected by me and must have been released this year or last. I usually pick something that has been released that very Friday. The other album is selected by Mr C and he gets all of the rest of musical history to choose from.

The point of this challenge started way back when, and although I’ve now resolved the issue, I’m still keen to keep on listening. This is the fourth year and it turns out there’s still a never-ending list of albums to get through. So we should begin!

Week 1

  • beerbongs & bentleys, Post Malone
    An alright album, this one. I’m a bit surprised by how massive Post Malone is, everyone seems to be talking about him. The album didn’t blow me away, a couple of good songs on there and generally a solid listen, but not a huge deal in my eyes.
  • Reputation, Taylor Swift
    I had such a rollercoaster with this album, was looking forward to it, then was mad that it wasn’t available, then avoided it for as long as possible. Actually, I liked it. First listen through, by the end I was like “enough angst already TayTay” but on the second listen it started to grow on me. Some of those songs do get stuck in my head though.

Week 2

  • Love Monster, Amy Shark
    Great album, this one. I sort of lost track of Amy Shark after she was featured as a Beats 1 Up Next artist, but realised I hadn’t listened to the album. It was brilliant and I’m now annoyed that I didn’t listen to it last year as it might have appeared in my top five somewhere. Great songs, lovely music, and it’s quite an unusual, offbeat and unique sound in the current climate.
  • C’est Chic…, Chic
    Well this is just a great classic band, and the disco numbers on this album are untouchable. I wasn’t quite so keen on the instrumental stuff but that’s just me, really, and not a reflection on them. I’m interested to hear more of Chic and find out if it’s all quite a lot of the same stuff, or if they progress in any way.

Week 3

  • Honey, Robyn
    This was an okay album, listenable, but I didn’t really rate it as much as I had been hoping to. Missing U is a great song, but the rest of it kinda pales into comparison. Not memorable but worth a go if you’re a Robyn fan.
  • Every Picture Tells a Story, Rod Stewart
    I was kinda hoping to really like this album, what with Rod Stewart being a legend and all. I like the songs that I already knew, the classics, but the rest of it wasn’t that interesting. It’s a shame but I’m glad I gave it a go.

Week 4

  • Delta, Mumford & Sons
    The thing about Mumford & Sons, to me, is that they make good albums, they’re just not at all memorable. They’re great background music, steady, folky, and all really nice. But it doesn’t stand out and it doesn’t make me want to seek out any more. Nothing wrong with it at all but not my favourite.
  • Laundry Service, Shakira
    Lovely Shakira, this is a great album. It starts with three classics, and has great latin rhythms from there. The only downside to it is the same thing I complained about on Enrique’s album – putting the same songs at the end only in Spanish is cheating a little bit. Somehow I forgive Shakira more though, because they’re such good bops.

Week 5

  • DNA, Backstreet Boys
    My Backstreet Boys fandom sort of took a dip in the middle there, the last few albums I’ve not really paid too much attention to. But now I’m back on it, and thankfully, so are they! I really enjoyed this one, there are some great tunes on here and yea, they have grown up and are more reflective and thoughtful, but that’s no bad thing.
  • Daydream, Mariah Carey
    Mariah Carey’s diva reputation means I haven’t always wanted to pay attention to her, but you can’t argue that when she put her mind to it, she made a lot of good music. This album is stacked with some great tunes, although I was surprised at the cover of Open Arms – how did I miss that Mariah did this Journey cover? Anyway, all good, I enjoyed the listen.

Amy Shark was the real hit of the bunch and I was annoyed at how much, in the end, Taylor’s album grew on me. Now, at least, having heard the album, I can watch the concert that’s also available on Apple Music. Five weeks down, forty-five to go!