On the record 2018, Week 49 – Don’t you worry about that

Penultimate week of albums for the year, it’s exciting! Almost time to reveal my top five and I still haven’t decided upon it, so that’s fun.

This week, it’s The 1975. I was not a fan of the last album I listened to but only because the title of it was quite interesting. I have enjoyed a couple of the songs off this new album, so it’ll be interesting to see what the full experience is like.

And, for reasons I can’t remember but may have to do with watching lots of country music late on a Friday night, Shania Twain is Mr C’s pick for the week. I’ve already done Come On Over, which is arguably her best work, so this time it is Up, which still has a couple of proper tunes on it.

Hooray for Shania!

Also, this week, I put together a page collecting all the albums I have listened to which is a useful resource for a) remembering if and when an artist has been covered and b) realising just how many albums I’ve listened to over the past three years. What an adventure!