On the record 2018, Week 45 – Not water under the bridge quite yet

This week, I’ve opted for an album that probably would have passed me by any other time, but I’ve heard the main single from it so many times on Julie’s Beats1 show that it’s lodged in my brain. EL MAL QUERER by ROSALÍA. There’s also a Beats1 special where she goes through the album track by track, which I’ll also have to listen to. It makes a big difference when you can put these things in context.

Mr C’s pick this week is in the completely opposite direction. We realised I had only listened to a more recent Red Hot Chilli Peppers album, and that needed to be rectified quite quickly. So: Blood Sugar Sex Magik. Which I am spending quite a lot of time calling Love Angel Music Baby because I am weird. Looks like quite a long album, but should be interesting.

Oh, Mr C is also hoping this will rectify my “mistaken” belief that the All Saints version of Under the Bridge is better than the original.