On the record 2018, Week 44 – That’s what I deserve

We’re really getting towards the sharp end of the year now and album releases are picking up. I’ve got seven weeks of this year’s album adventure left and at least ten albums that I had hoped to fit in. Some hard decisions are going to be made about who makes the cut this year and who gets relegated to next year.

I’ve also noticed a significant number of albums left on my 2017 list that are soon going to drop out of my reach. (For those new to the game, my choices have to be current year or prior year.)

I do move my leftover albums to Mr C’s list (he gets the pick of the rest of musical history, so unfair) but I don’t know how many ever make it to my ears. Oh well. It’s no bad thing for there to be too much music in the world.

Anyway, this week:

Empress, by RAY BLK. I love, love, love Run Run, and Empress is pretty good, so hopefully the album stacks up. It’s only short but I’m hoping it’s brilliant.

And Mr C’s choice this week is OK Computer by Radiohead. Which Apple Music previews with the following: “The greatest album of all time? Plenty of polls suggest that, with Radiohead’s third set of songs frequently vying for that almighty accolade.” So , no pressure then.