Mugs that come with hugs

It’s about time for the (sometimes) annual collection of novelty mugs, and this time I’ve got a selection of five that feature top secret ninjas, a bit of computer geekery, and of course, a panda. Let’s start there in fact.

five-mugs-pandaThis panda hug mug is adorable, although it’s disappointing the hug is being given to the biscuits you are just about to eat, rather than yourself.

As with many mugs like this, I worry about putting chocolate biscuits right next to the hot beverage. There’s going to be a melting situation if they are there for any length of time. But that probably just means you need to eat them quicker. Biscuits gobbled up, hug from panda, a pretty good start to the day.

five-mugs-loadingThis loading tea mug is quite minimalistic but speaks to the nerd in me. I can’t quite decide if the tea is loading as you’re pouring it and making it in the first place, or if it is loading as you are ingesting it, but either way, I quite like it.

The only issue is that loading screens are not usually a positive thing, you see one for longer than a few seconds and you get stressed. Perhaps it’s not ideal for every day use!

five-mugs-ampAs I’m sure you’re all aware, I’m obsessed with music these days and talk about little else. That being the case, this amp mug is perfect! I’m not totally convinced that the shape of it would make for easy drinking but I like the idea of having a cup of tea and being reminded “it’s time for guitar practice!”

I’m also not totally sure what kind of music genre “mug rock” is, but it sounds like something I want to get on board with!

five-mugs-cauldronThere are a few Harry Potter novelty mugs around, but this cauldron mug is my current favourite. There are travel mugs and normal mugs and house mugs and all sorts, but a cauldron shaped mug is an interesting idea.

I wonder if you really should be drinking out of the cauldron, where usually that would be used for potions but it’s always worth a try, you never know what magical powers might take over you!

five-mugs-ninjaFinally, everyone needs a ninja in their life, so why not in mug form?