On the record – Quirky, dancey, French (Weeks 37 to 40)

Here, in this bunch of albums, you can see the direct result of this year’s Apple Music Festival. I’d always planned to listen to Bastille and their new album, but their appearance at the Roundhouse only spurred me on to move it up the list. Christine and the Queens and Passenger also both came from that fortnight of music, as I wouldn’t have known to pick those albums up without it.

Mr C’s choices, meanwhile, offer a distinct range of songs, and I’ve noticed that we’ve started trying to pick different genres to each other. If I’m listening to alternative guitar bands, he picks 1980s solo female superstars. If I’ve gone for European dance music, he picks an evergreen male star with a rich history of songs (and drama)!

Title Artist Year Notes
Week 37
Wild World Bastille 2016 Listened to an older Bastille album just two weeks ago, and it’s interesting to hear the differences. Still a good album, still full of the drums and drama, but with more of an edge to it. Found the radio inserts a bit odd, but enjoyed the album from start to finish.
Heaven on Earth Belinda Carlisle 1987 I know the three main singles from this album but I’ve never really indulged in any extra-curricular Belinda tracks, and I thought it was a really solid album. It’s intensely eighties, obviously, but she has a great voice and it’s got some really catchy stuff in there.
Week 38
Hard II Love Usher 2016 I was sort of dreading this one because I’m still conscious of disliking Drake’s album. However, this was a really solid R&B/hip-hop outing, very relaxing and brilliant to drive home to of an early autumn evening.
Body Talk Robyn 2010 I only knew one song going into this album and it was a bit of a surprise, as the songs were all far more dancey than I had anticipated. I loved it though, really great songs, sort of quirky like Gwen Stefani, with some odd but brilliant lyrics.
Week 39
Chaleur Humane Christine and the Queens 2016 Saw Christine appear on the Elton John Apple Music Festival evening and was instantly obsessed. Watched her on her support act evening too, and then quickly downloaded the album. Amazing, love it all. Quirky, dancey, French, and Tilted gets right inside my head.
Faith George Michael 1987 It’s exactly what you expect from late 80s George, the songs sound mostly similar except for a couple of slightly out of place ballads – at one point he goes very Sinatra swing. However, very entertaining, if a bit “I’m so sexy” in places.
Week 40
Young as the Morning Old as the Sea Passenger 2016 Brilliant album. After embarrassing myself watching Passenger on AMF10, I figured I should listen to the new album, and I’m glad I did! Distinctive voice, great guitar riffs and lovely tunes – ranging from easy listening, to the more slow and depressing sort, it’s a relaxed album perfect for chilling out to.
Kick INXS 1987 Ah, I really enjoyed this album. These are one of those bands where I think I don’t know any of their songs but I knew at least three of them and they’re all good ones. It’s beautifully eighties, with those keyboards and drum kicks, but at the same time it hasn’t aged horribly, there are some proper classics on there. Also like how the songs lead into each other nicely, proper album work.