Not the legacy they were hoping for

I’ve been paying a bit more attention to my Apple Watch exercise rings again recently, and although I usually work on a week by week basis, I was perusing the history in the accompanying iPhone app. There, you can see how you’ve done each month and it’s also a good way of comparing days, ie. seeing if you often take Fridays off.

I was surprised, however, going back a couple of months, to see a trend I hadn’t really noticed at the time.


Can anyone see where the Olympics happened?

There must be some kind of irony in the Olympics being incredibly inspiring in terms of sports and goals and achievements, and yet to indulge in the wonder of it all, I basically had to sit on the sofa for two weeks.

One thought on “Not the legacy they were hoping for

  1. I was showing the opposite pattern… …because the only way for me to see the Olympics and Paralympics was to go to the gym and exercise while watching it on their TVs! (It “helped” that the fortnight I spent recovering from my 10-mile race injuries was between the two).

    The pattern you have (which I’m sure is the more common pattern…) is a hilarious one 😀

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