On the record – Full of drums and drama (Weeks 33 to 36)

What struck me most when putting together this round up of another four weeks of albums was how quickly the year is flying by! That’s always the case, but seeing it in black and white and in lists of artists and albums, it’s much more stark. It seems like only yesterday Mr C and I were discussing me listening to Bastille and OneRepublic to gen up on the Apple Music festival this year. And now I’ve listened to both of those, and moved on to more, and the festival has started and I’ve found a load more albums to listen to!

It’s also worth noting that three of Mr C’s picks this time were from 2013, a total coincidence but perhaps an indication that it was a good year for albums? It’ll be interesting when we get to the end of the year to see which years were featured and which were more popular.

Title Artist Year Notes
Week 33
Bury Me In My Boots The Cadillac Three 2016 I listened to this purely because they made an appearance on Nashville, and found it to be just a bit too country for me. However, there were some good songs on there (and some not so good, what is up with Ship-faced?) So many alcohol references, too, I felt drunk just listening!
Yourself or Someone Like You Matchbox Twenty 1996 Loved this album, it was so wonderfully of the 90s. It also reminded me of the scene in Ted where he talks about the vowel songs of that era. A-E-I-O-U! Fab stuff anyway, mostly upbeat pop rock, catchy lyrics, right up my street.
Week 34
Pure and Simple Dolly Parton 2016 You have to love Dolly Parton, she has a voice that is both powerful but also stacked with emotion and oftentimes seeming quite vulnerable. There’s just something about her voice and her songs that draws you in. The album also features her full set from Glastonbury, as sort of a second half, so that’s an absolute bonus!
Magna Carta Holy Grail Jay Z 2013 Good album, I love Jay Z’s style and he’s surrounded himself with a good variety of guests here. The Justin Timberlake track is a stand out one for me, but otherwise I’m not sure this is a total classic. Quite a lot of Beyoncé squeezed in, too. Good listen overall.
Week 35
Glory Britney Spears 2016 Great to hear Britney again, although this is a very mixed album – some of it is great but some is quite awful. Private Show, whilst catchy, is probably everything wrong with music at the moment! But still, there are some good songs and taken as a whole it shows how adaptable Britney is, and how she can move with the times.
Bad Blood Bastille 2013 I was worried about listening to this because Pompeii is such a storming tune, how can you expand on the brilliance of it? I needn’t have worried, the rest of the album is great too. Whilst it doesn’t quite match up to the opener, it’s still full of drums and drama, intriguing lyrics and the intensity to carry you through to the end.
Week 36
Dig Your Roots Florida Georgia Line 2016 Totally what you would expect, slightly poppy country music. I so wanted the Backstreet Boys track to be amazing but I didn’t think it was, sadly. There are a good selection of guests on there, but there are no real stand out songs.
Native OneRepublic 2013 Brilliant album, how could it not be with the remarkable Ryan Tedder? Pop royalty, catchy, sing along, impossible not to move to but equally emotional in places. Loved it.