On the record – That’s an impressive gauntlet to throw down (Weeks 29 to 32)

After the last roundup, I was looking forward to some slightly better and more fun albums, and this set really delivered. I also found myself listening to albums that I wouldn’t necessarily have picked but liking them anyway. Rihanna really wouldn’t have been my first choice, whilst I’d never heard of Blossoms but got sucked into the promotions on iTunes.

There are no top ten entries this time, but it was a lot better anyway.

Title Artist Year Notes
Week 29
Perspective Lawson 2016 Love this album! Guitar pop loveliness, really listenable, jolly for the most part and a few songs you can really tap your foot to. I just dislike the one song that is exactly like Teardrops from Eurovision.
Brothers in Arms Dire Straits 1985 A different, self-indulgent kind of experience. The songs are super long, so you have to settle in and go with it. Money for Nothing remains a favourite but I love how the songs are all so different with great layering and instrument work to make it a real gem.
Week 30
Love & Hate Michael Kiwanuka 2016 Wonderful album, soul with real heart, sultry movements and genuinely relaxing vibes. One of the tracks had just a bit too much repetition for me, but it’s a small complaint in a really good body of work.
No Angel Dido 1999 I knew far more of this album than I’d anticipated, so plenty to sing along with. Great songwriting skills and lots of interesting instrumentation and sounds to keep each song alive and fascinating.
Week 31
Anti Rihanna 2016 I have mixed feelings about Rihanna and this album does nothing to change that. Some of it is really good, intriguing pop with great vocals and some solid lyrics and songwriting. Others are way overproduced so that they only serve to distract from Rihanna’s talent rather than enhance it.
Hunting High and & Low a-ha 1985 Liked this album, it’s quite fun pop although it threw me off guard how very similar they sound to Duran Duran. Just ten songs, and none quite live up to the album opener of Take On Me, but that’s an impressive gauntlet to throw down. All good, though.
Week 32
Blossoms Blossoms 2016 More pop than indie rock, I really enjoyed this album. Although there’s a similarity to other bands, it stands out because of its nostalgic feel – the first half of the album is very 80s, and the second half sounds like it has been plucked straight from the 90s, and both are a lot of fun to listen to!
Nevermind Nirvana 1991 Was worried about listening to this one, it’s so highly regarded. Luckily, I quite liked it although some of the tracks verged into too much screaming, which I can’t stand. The more sedate tracks are brilliant, though, and there’s a clear and moving talent there.