On the record – I could almost have been watching Dawson’s Creek (Weeks 25 to 28)

This, for me, was not a classic set of albums but there was one key moment that proved what a great thing this album education is.

Firstly, I think the only standout album here was Adele, and that was mostly because I’d just seen her on Glastonbury and was slightly in love with her all over again.

Now, what I found interesting was that I listened to the Carole King album and then a couple of days later, watched the first episode of Gilmore Girls – newly released on Netflix. The theme tune, I suddenly recognised as a King song, albeit a cover version. These are the kind of connections and trivia items that come up constantly in my Film Watch explorations, but I hadn’t really had it on the music side.

Until now!

So here are the next eight, but if I’m honest, it’s all onwards and upwards from here!

Title Artist Year Notes
Week 25
The Getaway Red Hot Chilli Peppers 2016 I was quite ambivalent about this album on the first run through, it all sounded much the same. Very Red Hot Chilli Peppers, you know what you’re getting and not bad but not special. Second time through I was starting to pick out more interesting melodies and bass lines, so I think this one is definitely a grower.
Whiplash James 1997 I knew nothing about James except for two random songs, so this was a refreshing experience. Great album, the songs are all quite gentle pop and with that iconic voice, there’s a familiarity throughout the album (although it goes a bit wonky in the middle), making it fab for a comfort listen or as background music.
Week 26
25 Adele 2015 Thought it was going to be all ballads but it was more interesting than that. A little warbly in places, but if you’ve got a voice like that, why not use it? Some really good songs, all packed with emotion and written from the heart which makes them special.
Eliminator ZZ Top 1983 Good, foot tapping rock, very listenable but an album stacked full of songs that all sound exactly the same. You’ve got to really like what they’re selling here, but if you do, you’re onto a winner.
Week 27
California blink-182 2016 You almost can’t tell they have changed the lineup, good album, exactly as you would expect – fast paced rock, some of it sounds familiar from days gone by, but there are some interesting ideas too. Mix of track lengths make it quite an unpredictable listen.
Tapestry Carole King 1971 I wanted to like this more than I did. There are a couple of classics, obviously. You’ve Got a Friend is a wonderful song. But the rest of it I could take or leave, and it annoyed me that I wasn’t as on board as I hoped.
Week 28
Coolaid Snoop Dogg 2016 Nice, relaxed and flowing sound, great layering and some interesting samples. So many guest stars, it’s almost a collaborative album than a Snoop one. Only real complaint is that it’s so long – twenty tracks!
Dizzy Up the Girl The Goo Goo Dolls 1998 Thought I only knew Iris from this one, it’s a stand out track for sure. It turns out I knew one or two others as well. Really engaging but gentle rock sound, and so reminiscent of Nineties TV, I could almost have been watching Dawson’s Creek as I listened.