On the record – Still trying to shed the Disney image (Weeks 13 to 16)

This is the fourth update of my On the record adventure, wherein I try to listen to a new and an older album each week and report back my findings. I’ve been loving the process, and this time I think I started to expend a bit in terms of genre. We’ve got some modern pop, electronic stuff, brilliant country crossover, older pop classics, and some marvellous guitar rock.

As always, my picks are first – albums from either this year or last – whilst Mr C’s selections are second, with his choices coming from any other time in album history. He picked out some brilliant records this time, I think.

Title Artist Year Notes
Week 13
Communion Years & Years 2015 Enjoyed this far more than I thought I would. I like a couple of their songs but wasn’t sure my enjoyment would stretch to a full album. Good, interesting melodies with some fun rhythms – perhaps not groundbreaking but certainly fun to listen to.
Love Angel Music Baby Gwen Stefani 2004 This is more the Gwen I know and love. Gloriously irritating, who else could get away with chanting random fruit spellings at you? An eclectic mix of R&B and electric pop with oddities and intricacies to make each listen add something new.
Week 14
Super Pet Shop Boys 2016 Great start to this album, it sounds just as you hope a Pet Shop Boys album is going to be. The middle didn’t thrill me so much, it all seemed to get a bit maudlin and overly familiar. Overall listenable, but not one to add to their classic collection.
Come On Over Shania Twain 1997 Totally forgot about this album, I love it so much, every song is a classic for me. Shania is my original pop country princess – only trouble is I have to be careful where I listen as it’s impossible not to sing along!
Week 15
Red Flag All Saints 2016 Better on the second listen, the first couple of songs are great, but the rest doesn’t feel quite so strong. I like that they experiment and don’t just go for middle of the road tunes, but they don’t all work – oof, Ratchet Behaviour.
American Idiot Green Day 2004 Brilliant rock tunes, catchy, sing-a-long greatness with some heart-wrenching moments in there too – I can totally see why it was made into a musical. The structure of the album confuses me though, with some songs back to back on a single track.
Week 16
Revival Selena Gomez 2015 Really good album, even better on the second time around. Bit over the top in terms of adult content in places, it does feel like she’s still trying to shed the Disney image. But otherwise good, catchy, upbeat and modern songs.
Thriller Michael Jackson 1982 It feels like a short album, just nine songs, but every single one is perfect. The BFF relationship with Paul McCartney boggles my mind a bit, but Thriller makes up for everyone and everything. Could be one of the best songs ever, I reckon.