On the record – Violently happy, you know (Weeks 9 to 12)

I’ve gotten into a brilliant rhythm with this album adventure, and I’ve started listening to other albums and things as well as the ones I have on my To Do playlist. It was also seriously exciting to watch something like the Brits and know who half the people were and have already heard half the things that were sung. This is progress, for sure.

So, here are another four weeks’ worth of albums with my modern picks first and Mr C’s classic album choices second.

Title Artist Year Notes
Week 9
Phase Jack Garratt 2016 After listening to James Bay I was hoping this would be more lovely indy stuff but it wasn’t really. It was a bit too keyboard-heavy, slightly too experimental for my tastes. Solid work but I won’t seek it out again.
Graceland Paul Simon 1986 Loved this, it was infused with African influences which made it intriguing, tribal, wide-ranging and just a little bit jaunty in places. Clearly, You Can Call Me Al is the classic here, but I enjoyed pretty much all of it.
Week 10
I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it The 1975 2016 Upsettingly long title, and the song of the same name is in sentence case when the rest is in title case, grr! Otherwise, great start and finish to the album, but the middle gets a bit wishy-washy. Instrumentals that are nice but go on too long.
Debut Björk 1993
Was scared of listening to this one, because, you know, Bjork. But I actually loved it. Great instruments, a real ear for the sound of things, and some fun lyrics too. Violently happy, you know.
Week 11
Storyteller Carrie Underwood 2015 A good album, some songs are far better than others, but none are the weakest link. Brilliant stories for some of them – Choctaw County Affair and Church Bells being two specific examples. Storyteller is an apt name for this album.
What’s the Story, Morning Glory Oasis 1995
Love this, it really tells of the time it was released. Some of the songs sound very similar, but the standout singles are incredible. Roll With It, Wonderwall and Don’t Look Back in Anger are three brilliant songs and to have them consecutively makes some of the best ten minutes of music ever!
Week 12
This is What the Truth Feels Like Gwen Stefani 2016 A good album, listenable and so very Gwen Stefani, but I must admit none of it particularly stood out for me. There’s some great echoes of Madonna, Taylor and maybe even some Selena Gomez which makes it funky and fun but I couldn’t pick a song to recommend.
Survivor Destiny’s Child 2001 Some really brilliant songs at the start of this album, but it tails off to real downbeat ending. Whereas the ladies are kick-ass at the beginning, they are all loved up and slightly pathetic by the end. And I could barely get through the self-indulgent thank you track at the end.

My to do list inspired by the music this time round:

  • Learn how to play You Can Call Me Al on some kind of instrument – it is too much fun!
  • Stop being scared by Björk.
  • Listen to more Oasis, they’ve got a big enough back catalogue and I should know more of it.