On the record – Be weird, who cares? (Weeks 5 to 8)

This album adventure just keeps getting better and better, and I’m starting to wish I’d gotten the music bug a long time ago – there’s so much to catch up on! The next four weeks of albums are listed here, a quick reminder that my picks are first (albums from 2015 or 2016), and Mr C’s picks are second (anything older).

Title Artist Year Notes
Week 5
Nine Track Mind Charlie Puth 2016 Really catchy pop that sticks in the mind. Very fifties, in the style of Bruno Mars and Meghan Trainor. Couple of good guests, including Ms Trainor. Very listenable but not a classic.
Automatic for the People R.E.M. 1992 Loved the singles on this one but found the rest of it a bit less memorable. I know it’s a highly regarded album, and it was good to listen to but I couldn’t name another song on it now.
Week 6
All I Need Foxes 2016 Have been a bit of a naysayer about Foxes previously, but really enjoyed the album. All very dramatic and swooping but catchy with great beats. Loved it!
Play Moby 1999 This one was right up my street. Moody and blues, over a variety of different beats with a scattering of new soundbytes on top. Really enjoyed it but did make me crave the Bourne song.
Week 7
Get Weird Little Mix 2015 Truly love this album – stacked full of pop with great beats and catchy hooks, plus some good messages too: be weird, who cares? First half better than second, but all very good.
Mezzanine Massive Attack 1998 Didn’t know much about this band except for Teardrop but enjoyed the album a lot. Oppressive and intense, I wanted to just sit back, relax and listen. Teardrop the standout though.
Week 8
Chaos and the Calm James Bay 2015 Another artist I judged too quickly, but realised I did like Hold Back the River. Turns out the whole album is fantastic, it’s all in the vein of the river one, and thus I loved every song on it.
Face Value Phil Collins 1981 Only knew one song off the album. It was a heck of a lot darker and more experimental than I’d expected. Moody, full of saxophones and that bluesy sound. Good though.

As a note, I’ve also relistened to Kelsea Ballerini, and Foxes and I think Moby will be another that gets replayed a lot in future. I’ve got some notes to take away from this batch:

  • Stop judging artists on their names or their hats and just listen to the music.
  • Rewatch the Bourne movies.
  • Dive into Little Mix’s back catalogue.