Tales from the script

One of our favourite things to do on Sidepodcast is look back at the stupid things we said a year, two years or more ago. Because you can’t search an mp3, that often means scrabbling for what is in the show notes, or better yet, looking back at the transcript for our word for word conversation.

Transcribing is a lengthy process, however, and when it comes down to it, we don’t have time to record podcasts at the moment let alone sit down and write them out in prose.

Step in one of the best tools for transcribing I’ve ever seen. In beta at the moment, oTranscribe does one thing but does it BRILLIANTLY. If you’ve ever tried to transcribe anything longer than a minute, there’s only two things you need to know about this tool.

  1. You don’t need to flip between windows, like media player and text document.
  2. It auto-magically goes back a second or two when you unpause, just so you can recap where you were.

It’s all kinds of genius, and I look forward to both a) making podcasts in the future and then b) transcribing them with greater ease.