A life list for eleven year olds

fifty thingsThe National Trust look after heaps of properties – gardens, coastlines, historic buildings – and it is in their interest to get people up and off the sofa and visiting their patches of land. I do like their initiative for the kids, though, a Life List of sorts, except this one has a time limit. Fifty Things to Do before you are 11 and three quarters.

These are things that are all about getting kids outside, having adventures with nature, and learning about the world in which they live. Some examples include:

  • Climb a tree
  • Go star gazing
  • Make a daisy chain
  • Cook on a campfire

There are others which I don’t quite get, like bringing up a butterfly (is that the chrysalis thing?) and learning to ride a horse (I’d rather not). There’s also a mention of frogspawn which I glossed over as quick as possible. I haven’t signed up to the site, being slightly over 11 years old, but it looks like there are more things, bonus challenges and progress tracking, hidden behind the login to increase the fun.

I really like the idea – getting kids active sounds like a reasonable goal, and making lists is something I can really get on board with. The full list of fifty items is available here, and I’m just pondering if there are any I haven’t done that I can pinch for my own Life List. I have never yet managed to skim a stone successfully…

2 thoughts on “A life list for eleven year olds

  1. What a great idea for kids to have a list like that. I have no idea about bringing up a butterfly but I would think your guess is right.

    I am glad you posted this because the star gazing thing reminded me that tomorrow night is the first night of the winter that the public observatory is open.

  2. Love this idea. I remember when we were kids when my parents discovered the Eye Spy books from Michelin. They had all sorts of things to look for. We got obsessed with it and we would almost long to go on car journeys so we could find new things to complete the books (well almost).

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