It’s all happening at the zoo

This past weekend, I headed towards Marwell Zoo for something of a family meetup. It was a nice day, the rain held off with just a few spots threatening but then scampering away. I took a few photos but mostly wandered around chatting and wondering why the animals are always asleep when I go to see them.

It was slightly disappointing to be at a zoo quite a few hundred miles away from where there’s a potential baby panda going to make an appearance soon. But it’s not like anyone really knows what’s going on there – the panda may or may not be pregnant, with another panda that may or may not be the father, and no one will known until a baby panda magically pops out.

I’ll stick with the animals that are definitely in existence for now.

3 thoughts on “It’s all happening at the zoo

  1. A day at a zoo is a great day out. I need to go to one soon. It lloks like Marwell have an interesting collection of animals.

    I want to know who originally called that imposter a panda

  2. “I headed towards Marwell Zoo for something of a family meetup”

    One could take that one or two ways…

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