Robots making cars, there are people there too

Another post about how things are made, after the video about Steinway pianos, but this time we’re in the world of automotives. The Tesla Model S is a somewhat revolutionary product, and we know the automotive industry is high-profile in robotics, but this video showed some of the amazing robots at work making the Tesla cars.

The machines that move the cars along following magnetic paths are amazing. Plus, the robot that puts the seats in and then changes to put the windows on too actually blew my mind.

One thought on “Robots making cars, there are people there too

  1. That looks like a very cool factory. I remember the first time I was in a factory where there were robots running around the floor following magnetic tape. They weighed about 2 tons and the people who worked there used to stand in ftont of them knowing that they were about to turn 90 degrees in one direction or other while people like me thought they were about to get flattened.

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