The making of a Steinway

I saw this video on Kottke recently, the making of a Steinway piano. I am obsessed with pianos, always upset when one gets smashed or beaten in a film. I play a bit, and dream of owning something slightly more impressive than the keyboard that is currently gathering dust.

I’d never given much thought to how a piano is actually made, and this video is quite a revelation. I love that it is voiced by John Steinway himself, in an audio recording from a tour in the ’80s. It just shows how the procedure hasn’t changed much, and even with so much progress in technology and factory methods, there’s only so much you can automate when it comes to fine-tuning musical instruments.

One thought on “The making of a Steinway

  1. It is incredible watching this after watching the Tesla video. It just goes to show that you can still sell old fashioned manufacturing techniques as being a benefit as long as you charge a high enough price.

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