Romance versus action – a mix and match approach

Really enjoyed this quote from a not-so-recent episode of the Frank Skinner radio show. On the subject of the Tom Cruise film Oblivion, Frank was less impressed with one of the romance scenes.

“There’s love scenes in it. Why do they have to have love scenes in films like that? And they’re really cheesy, ooh baby type. I hate love scenes. Here’s the thing, if you like love scenes go see a romantic movie and enjoy. But you know what? When you’re watching that romantic movie, don’t blame me if two aliens come in and blow the couple to pieces…

That doesn’t happen in romantic films, but in sci-fi films suddenly there’s a stupid love scene.”

I feel like this but have never been able to express it properly!

3 thoughts on “Romance versus action – a mix and match approach

  1. If love scenes in movies, not just sci-fi, were portrayed as often as required for the story to truly move it along or develop the characters, there’d be maybe 1% as many as there are now.

  2. I mostly agree with this, but sometimes you need motivation for your protagonists to push forward, be it love or family or a ticking timebomb. Or all three. Or Both.

  3. What is worse is when you are watching an otherwise decent Chinese Kung-Fu movie…. I mean Romantic Lead was just not Bruce Lee’s forte, if you catch my drift….

    (Chinese Connection aka Fists Of Fury)

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