Bakewell tart

I have recently been looking at magazines on the Newsstand, and investigated the digital version of the BBC’s GoodFood magazine. Considering most of my recipes tend to come from the BBC or their GoodFood equivalent, this seemed like a natural extension. In my first issue, I stumbled across this recipe for a lighter Bakewell tart. It being “lighter” didn’t bother me all that much, but I suddenly had a craving for all things Bakewell!


The tart itself probably could have done with a few more minutes in the oven to get that golden brown colour across more of it, but it was all cooked through okay. I think I put the icing on too quickly, as it just melted into it, and I’m not sure there was enough of it either.


The recipe calls for fresh raspberries mixed with jam, but I forgot about the jam and just used the raspberries. I don’t think it lacked anything for that, it still tasted great. I impressed myself with how well this came out, because at each stage it felt like it wasn’t quite sticking to the recipe. In the end, it looked good and tasted even better!

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  1. Looking good Christine. I’ve just baked a cheesake to take into work tomorrow for a charity bake. I’m dying to try some, but I have to resist!

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