A different kind of Big Reunion

After catching up with the penultimate episode of The Big Reunion on Saturday, we flicked over to ITV where Ant and Dec were having their evening Takeaway. We left this on as background noise and then were intrigued to see some of the bands from the Big Reunion going to sing at the end of the show. Our first chance to see them doing in public what we’ve watched them rehearse over the past few weeks.

At the end of the stint (which, by the way, was awesome and brought back three million memories), Ant and Dec came out and completed their own trip down memory lane with a performance of Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble.

It was brilliant!

Everyone seems to have picked up on this now, so that the nation’s favourite presenting duo have streaked to the top of the iTunes music chart, and are in with a shout at a number one this weekend. The song only got to number nine when it was first released!

How embarrassing for the Big Reunion stars to have been promoting their show and tour, and to have been completely overshadowed by the presenters of the show.

If you enjoyed the above, there’s also a behind the scenes video of the training that went into it. I love “it’s ever so baggy” and also their descriptions that either they are getting older, or the track is getting faster.

I’ll admit, I have downloaded the track again, despite already owning it. If Ant and Dec can get to number one SO MANY YEARS after failing to do so before, if 4Music have to play the video without irony, if I get to go around singing “everyone wants to be an AKA lover!” and people know what I’m doing, then that’s 99p well spent.

3 thoughts on “A different kind of Big Reunion

  1. what i love about this most of all… the track hasn’t been re-released. it’s charted because it was sat there, available to purchase as an individual track on their compilation album. the public liked the return on TV, went looking for it and bought it, just because it was that easy.

    i frickin’ love the world which we (now) live in 🙂

  2. the track hasn’t been re-released.

    I hadn’t thought about that. The idea that they would sell anything on the back of that appearance probably didn’t even occur to them.

    Chris Evans read a message from a listener on Tuesday morning saying he was in trouble with his wife because he had been tidying up and sold a signed copy of the single through one of the online music buyers for 29p a week ago. It’s all about timing.

  3. There is no way a signed copy of any single is worth only 29p at any time – the trick is to find the crazy fan who thinks it’s worth ÂŁ5-ÂŁ10 (search engining fans of whoever did the signing tends to do the trick). I’m not surprised the listener’s wife was upset!

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