Chocolate butterfly cupcakes

This week, I passed the Baking recipe app to Mr C and asked him to pick something he might like. The app is full of photographs, so it makes choosing what you want both a) easier because they are some fantastic photos and b) harder because you want to try a little bit of everything. He opted for the Chocolate Butterfly Cupcakes, which I thought looked complicated but weren’t once I actually looked into it.


As I tweeted at the time, I managed to ran out of icing sugar halfway through the process. I always run out of icing sugar, it’s really irritating, so when I had to make an emergency trip to the shop, I bought two big boxes at 1kg each. I assume this will last me forever, but hey, this is icing sugar. It definitely won’t.

Mr C enjoyed eating the cupcakes, but not quite as much as he enjoyed taking photos of them.


Not only did they taste good, but they looked just like they did in the recipe photo!

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