A puzzle a day…

Last year, I added something new to my Life List – completing a puzzle book. It came about after I worked through a crossword with my mum and dad, and realised just how pathetic my general knowledge skills are. I thought a few puzzles couldn’t hurt, and seeing a Puzzler or two lying around reminds me very much of living at home.

I picked up one of the monthly editions of the Puzzler magazine, it just so happened to have Princess Kate on the cover – although I’m not really sure why. Does she like doing puzzles?


I immediately did the two easy puzzles, although I’m not 100% sure they really count as puzzled. Dot-to-dot maybe does, as you need to make sure you know your numbers and that you can cope with joining them in the right order. But is colouring in really a puzzle? Hmm.


Next I might try an actual crossword.

2 thoughts on “A puzzle a day…

  1. I enjoy doing puzzles too and try to do one a day (ends up being less). Also, I think while she might not like puzzles, she probably sells a ton of copies by being on the cover!

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