Nothing quite like apple pie

When I finally started a bit more human after a festive holiday full of cold, I decided to bake something nice and comforting. What better than apple pie? I used a recipe from the Photo Cookbook – Baking edition, and had great fun chopping up all the apples and mixing in sugar and cinnamon.

I didn’t have a round dish, so I improvised.


They are meant to be leaves on top. They looked better in real life.

The end result was quite delicious, particularly when served with a dash of cream. The inside didn’t look too appealing though, the brown sugar required in the recipe made a bizarre watery brown sauce at the bottom which looked like gravy. Not really what you want in your pudding bowl!

I will try another apple pie at some point, it’s a popular dish in my household. Hopefully by then I will have sourced a round dish, and perhaps a different recipe.

One thought on “Nothing quite like apple pie

  1. I think you need to add a feature to your baking posts. I think Mr C should give a rating to each attempt because I get the feeling you are too critical of yourself. Maybe he could give you a score out of 5 Cs (from Mr C) or five little pie dishes or something.

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