Friday Five – Recent Life List additions

I recently spruced up my Life List page, adding some handy links to the yearly reviews at the top, and then splitting the to-do items into tenuous categories – things to do, things to see, that kind of thing. It’s suprising to me to realise that I’m heading rapidly towards the end of a third year of life-listing, but then again, I’ve tried all sorts of crazy things in that time, so it’s certainly doing its job!

As I was dusting the page down, a few new items came to mind, so here are five of the most recent additions to my life list:

  1. Go to the BBC Good Food show. What with my new obsession with baking and the possibility that Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry might show up, this has suddenly become a must-visit event!
  2. Enter something in a country show. I’ve been to a few country events this year, and one thing I really like is the craft tent. People submit to their category and you can peruse the different entries – compare and contrast and judge accordingly. There’s always crazy things like “four mini eggs cut into a flower shape” or “a photo of a dog dressed as a sunflower”. The trouble is, I don’t grow vegetables, I don’t knit very well, and I don’t bake to that kind of standard (yet), so I’m not sure what I could get away with. Something to ponder. Then again, my task is simply to enter something, not necessarily win!
  3. Take an open-top sightseeing tour. I have specifically mentioned London on the life list page but I’m not sure it would have to be the capital city. For some reason, I just really like the idea of getting a decent tour of a city. I think I must have been on a sightseeing tour or two in my time, but none that I really remember (or have documented!)
  4. Complete a puzzle book. A recent visit to my parents saw us complete a cryptic crossword puzzle together. I usually shy away from even the normal crosswords because I don’t have much in the way of general knowledge smarts, so throw in some crazy cryptic clues and I was baffled. But after some perseverence we started to get somewhere and it opened my eyes to a new world of puzzles. Usually, if I got my hands on a puzzle book I’d head straight for the easy ones, the ones where you fit ready made words into the spaces, or the logic puzzles. I’d like to get a book and be determined to finish it, trying all the puzzles – even if it takes forever.
  5. Go kayaking. After watching the Olympics and reading Paddle – a book in which the author describes his journey kayaking around Ireland – I got it into my head that I wanted to have a go in a kayak. The mere idea freaks me out a bit, and I am having second thoughts after watching a worrying documentary. But still, it’s worth having on the list in case the mood takes me in the future.

The thing I love about my life list is that it chops and changes. Things I thought were a good idea at the time but now seem completely unappealing get removed, but there is always something to take their place.

I can’t emphasise enough how if you have the slightest inkling to make a list of your own, you should do it. Even if you start with just five easy things, it really gives you a sense of motivation, and once you delve into the world and start looking at other people’s achievements, it’s really a wonderful positive place to get inspired.

7 thoughts on “Friday Five – Recent Life List additions

  1. Open top bus around the New Forest. Starting at Lyndhurst then Lymington, Beaulieu and Exbury. Fabulous ! (and we’ll accompany you)

  2. It was lovely but theres a little less to see in Cardiff than in some other places, none of the other cities I’ve done bus tours in have had the commentary pointing out all the hotels in town!

  3. #2 You did grow vegetetables or something a while ago and with some success I seem to remember.

    #5 I did kayaking once a long time ago. We were at a Boys Brigade summer camp and they had arranged for an instructor with a bunch of kayaks. We did not have spray decks so that if we capsized we would just fall out.

    I just got in and started paddling and it seemed really easy. it was on a loch so the water was flat. It looked like it was only a couple of feet deep so what could go wrong? After a while I started to think about how I was balancing and turning. That turned out to be a huge mistake. If you are in a kayak it is best not to think about what you are doing. 30 seconds after I started thinking it turned upside down. It also turned out that the water was considerably deeper than it looked. As my brain cleared and I realised I was more or less the right way up under water I decided to just kick off the bottom to get my head above the water. Unfortunately there was no bottom there only weeds and you can’t kick off them. I surfaced coughing and spluttering but otherwise fine.

    Kayaks are fun as long as you don’t think.

    The puzzle book thing could make a good winter podcast.

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