Ten years

On 13th October 2002, I was cowering in a doorway from the rain, waiting for the arrival of someone the world now knows as Mr C. It was our first date, I’d bought new boots that I was convinced made me walk like a duck, and my friend was sacrificing herself at the garden gate, getting soaked on my behalf to look out for him.

Thankfully, as the evening progressed the rain eased off. We ate, we walked, we talked. We decided on a second date.

An early photo of the two of us.

It’s almost impossible to believe that was ten years ago. I can both remember it like it was yesterday, and yet also it seems as though an eternity has passed.

I’m a completely different person to who I was back then, and almost all of that can be attributed to Mr C. He pushes me and inspires me to be better, more creative, more individual.

We’ve had our ups and downs, everyone does, but it always comes right. We’re total opposites but make two halves of the same coin, have different interests but they come together to complement each other.

We had made vague plans to celebrate this week with a holiday or some-such. Outside factors have meant that’s not possible, but that’s okay. It doesn’t matter where we are, we’re together and we’re embarking on the next ten years. That’s awesome enough for me.


10 thoughts on “Ten years

  1. I’m so happy about this. It’s clear how happy you two are together, doing Sidepodcast and everything else you get up to. I hope I can have a relationship like yours one day. πŸ™‚

  2. You don’t know how much I look up to you two, you’re just perfect for each other πŸ™‚ 10 years is incredible but you’re incredible people so it makes sense!

    congratulations, let’s hope many many many more years are still to come!

  3. Jane and I passed the same milestone in March this year, and we feel exactly the same way. When we look back on ten wonderful adventurous years, all we can think about is how much we are looking forward to the next ten. Congrats guys


  4. Awesome, congrats guys. I had no idea you’d been together for as long. No wonder you’re sick of him. πŸ˜‰

    Seriously though it’s really cool to find people ‘our age’ in a successful long-term relationship and it shows in everything you do. And also that you both rely on each other yet are also very independent. I think that’s both rare and commendable.

  5. This is such lovely news, congratulations to you both!!! You are both amazing people and you make such a perfect couple, congratulations and I wish you the best for the next 10…20..30. etc years πŸ™‚ x

  6. Congratulations on ten years together. That is a very difficult thing to do. I wonder how many Milky Bars Mr C has had to buy in that time.

    One thing I don’t get though. If you thought the boots made you walk like a duck why did you not wear something else?

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