The story of Lego

To celebrate their 80th anniversary this year, Lego created a 15 minute animation recounting the history of the company. I missed this when it first came out in August, and have just got round to watching it now. You have to keep in mind that it’s one massive sales pitch, and the voiceover can get a bit patronising at times, but even so, there’s a lot in here that I had absolutely no idea about.

I’m so impressed by the inspiration of the original founder, and the tenacity of the family in general. To keep overcoming all the difficult times to come up with a toy that has so much nostalgia for older generations, and so much joy for younger ones… it’s just incredible!

2 thoughts on “The story of Lego

  1. It’s a great story. It’s very typically Danish to triumph in the face of such adversity like that.

    Legoland is pretty damn awesome and well worth the trip. It’s quite funny though – because it literally is in the middle of nowhere!

  2. I have only just found this.

    Ole could hardly have been more unlucky. Everything he touched seemed to turn into a disaster. I guess it proves that you only need one thing to go the right way for you to succeed.

    The son that turned the business into a success looked a lot like Hank Marvin.

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