Terrific tea testing – Raspberry leaf

It’s been a while since I tried a new tea, I’ve been content drinking my Clipper Ginger and Twinings Nettle. However, that didn’t stop me buying new and exciting teas, to the point where I had four boxes sitting and waiting to be tasted. I finally got round to trying a new one, another Clipper, this time berry flavoured.

Clipper Raspberry Leaf

£1.69 for 20 teabags

A refreshing, distinctive and delicious blend of raspberry leaf and other natural herbs enhanced with natural raspberry flavour. Free from Caffeine.

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The first thing to say about this tea is the scent. The teabags themselves smell delicious, as though you’ve just stumbled across a bowl of fresh raspberries.

However, when you add the boiling water, the smell suddenly turns from fresh fruit to Lemsip. Mr C caught a whiff and was adamant that I was sickening for something. It just reminds you of unhealthy days.

Despite that, I was keen to taste it to see if it lived up to both the original scent and the colour. What a delicious deep red! It’s hard to capture the exact colour in a photo, it’s more like the block of colour to the right.

Upon tasting, it was obvious that this wasn’t Lemsip, it’s not sweet at all. It was quite hard to reconcile in my head that although I could smell the medicinal brew, it didn’t taste like it.

It was quite bland, really, it certainly didn’t taste as strongly of the berries as I had thought it would. There was no lingering aftertaste, though, which is something I look for in a tea.

I think it’s a taste I could get used to but I’m not sure it would be popular around the house. Sometimes those aromas that remind you of being ill just have to be cast aside, it’s a psychological thing. So, overall, I liked it but I don’t think it’s one I’m going to add to my frequent use collection.

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