2012 Wk 36 – Purple and new

After the last update, I did go out and purchase some new shoes. They’re in a similar fashion to my old ones – white and Nike – but they’re also quite awesome. They have purple insides and purple laces! How can they be anything but great?

Instantly, I wore them and was back on form… if you can call what I do any kind of form.

I completed another 10k, which is always fun.

Not sure what happened at the end there, I think perhaps I changed direction quickly a couple of times and so the GPS got a bit confused.

Looking back through my Runkeeper records, it looks like I’m doing one 10k a month at the moment.

  • Jun – 1:34:31
  • Jul – 1:36:03
  • Aug – 1:30:55
  • Sep – 1:34:31

Let’s see what happens in October!