Inspired by the Great British Bake Off – Chocolate & ginger torte

As I tweeted earlier in the week, something I had not considered when I dreamt up this idea of trying my hand at things that the Bake Off featured, was the concept of not liking anything within a given week. Each episode is on a theme, but there are three options within each and a multitude of recipes in each option. How is it possible not to like any of it?

Well, I wasn’t inspired by the episode. It featured the following:

  • Signature dish – Tortes
  • Technical challenge – Crème Caramel
  • Showstopper – Layered meringue

I can’t even think about crème caramel without feeling a bit sick, and I had to skip a lot of that section of the show. Meringue is okay but I don’t particularly enjoy eating it, and I also think it’s probably a bit beyond my skills at the moment. So that left me with tortes. I checked out the recipes on the official Bake Off page but they’re all a bit nutty and/or coffee related.

Eventually, I found a recipe that I could consider via BBC Good Food – Chocolate & ginger torte – but I will admit to not being particularly confident about the bake itself and about liking the results. Nevertheless, the baking is on!

Step 1 – Ingredients!

Step 2 – I have never known such complicated lining of a tin. Firstly, I had to buy the tin – springform something or other. I also had to buy the whisk and a palette knife and the ingredients. So much stuff that the woman at the checkout asked if I was doing some baking this weekend. Busted!

Lining this tin, though, involved the circle of baking paper, greasing that, dusting with cocoa powder, and lining the edges of the tin in a similar fashion. It took me ages to get it all sorted and I hadn’t even started baking yet!

Step 3 – Mmm, melting chocolate. I used to always do this too fast and burn the chocolate. This time I tried to be patient and a bit more professional. It worked.

Step 4 – Then I made a mistake. The recipe calls for mixing together caster sugar and muscovado sugar before adding  egg yolks. Of course, me being me, I added the whole egg and then wondered why I had nothing left to whisk up when the recipe mentioned egg whites. Thankfully, I had enough sugar and eggs to do it again – I am almost never that lucky.

Step 5 – Folding the egg whites into the mixture is not a nice process, is it? All those white flecky bits. Gross. I think I also need to learn  some science about eggs and what they add to cooking. Into the oven it all went.

Step 6 – Then I had to remove it from the tin and add the ganache on top. Unfortunately, it all fell apart as it was coming out of the tin. I guess it either wasn’t cooked quite enough or not set enough or… I don’t know. It looked a bit of a mess.

Step 7 – Eat!

Conclusion – I was surprised at how yummy it was, but so rich. The recipe warned that you would only need a small slice but I’m pretty sure one forkful would tide you over for a lifetime! All that dark chocolate, you know. I was very happy this time with my chocolate/ginger balance, compared to my treacle/lemon balance last week.

Overall, I’m happy with how it turned out, although my presentation leaves a lot to be desired. I don’t think it’s something I would want to bake or eat on a regular basis, but it was fun as a one-off.

7 thoughts on “Inspired by the Great British Bake Off – Chocolate & ginger torte

  1. Well I did lots of odd things, I even located myself a ruler at one point, but then I traced the bottom of the tin onto the paper, scoring round it with a knife.

  2. ohhh that looks yummy! the reason it fell apart may be that it’s not cool enough. I’m not sure with tortes but with cakes and things i know you need to leave it to cool a bit before emptying it out otherwise it falls to pieces! However presentation isn’t important when you don’t have Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood scrutinising it 🙂 As long as it’s tasty that’s all that matters 🙂

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