On a desert island, games would have to be my luxury

I just recently finished playing a new, actually old, game on the iPad called The Island: Castaway. I can’t remember why I bought it, except that I love islands and the concept of being cast away on one. That’ll probably do it.

There’s a video ad for the game that explains it better than I could.

It’s really very simple, you just run around picking things up, and interacting with other characters. They tend to send you on missions to go and pick other things up or talk to different characters. It’s not hard and you can’t die, and that makes it pretty much perfect for a lazily playing when you don’t have time to fully concentrate.

There are a few conversation cut scenes, with some rather ‘interesting’ voice acting going on, but I love that you can read the subtitles and/or just skip through it all to keep on going. The best kind of games offer you the chance to fully indulge or to get right to the good stuff.

About midway through, I got a bit bored with it, enthusiasm for these things tends to ebb and flow, but towards the end I got more into the story. I was happy when we got to the epilogue and it suggested a second game (not yet on the iPad, I don’t think).

In a similar style of casual game, I tried out the Lego Harry Potter for iPad. It was fun, particularly as I was playing after just finishing a re-read of all seven books and before seeing the films. It’s the same idea of running around, picking up coins, occasionally casting a spell and never actually dying. With this one, I did get bored though, and haven’t yet gone back to it. Not sure why that is, I guess because it wasn’t set on an island!

So now I’m on the lookout for more on the casual game front. What’s next?

4 thoughts on “On a desert island, games would have to be my luxury

  1. I fell in love with an ipad game called Rinth Island. I don’t know how I found it, but I just googled up this review: http://www.gamezebo.com/games/rinth-island/review

    My main criteria when I got this game was something with Puzzles that wasn’t time-based (meaning I could set it down for a minute or have a conversation with out getting killed). I think I’ve probably played 40-50 levels, and only 3 or so had a time based element. I find it to be a great game to engage the need-to-solve-puzzles part of my brain. There’s plenty of push-this-block-then-that-block and there-are-ten-things-to-blow-up-and-you-only-have-seven-bombs type puzzles. Definitely scratched my casual gaming itch =)

  2. A viciously addictive old-school game I heartily recommend is Mushroom Man. The on-line version is to be found here:


    It starts with some learner levels and then ramps up. I do have a version I downloaded a few years ago from a site that seems to have disappeared that I could e-mail to you. I know it works with Windows, but if it is Apple-compatible I have no idea.

    The two other games I have found over the years and enjoyed most have been Theseus and the Minotaur, a sample version of which can be found here…


    (You seem to need to click on it to get it working and ‘S’ turns the sound off.)

    …and Sugar Sugar of which there are two versions:


  3. Thanks for the suggestions, I will have to have a look. The Rinth Island one claims to have “Unique cylindrical 2.5D presentation.” That’s a whole new dimension of fun 🙂

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