2012 Wk 27 & 28 – Three minutes and twenty seconds

(Bit late posting this one, but the heat! When you get to read about this week’s running adventures I already know it will say TOO HOT TO BE ALIVE! But that is for the future.)

I don’t know. Each week I start with the best intentions and they just get brushed aside as quickly as I can snap my fingers. Instead of whining on about when I did and didn’t run, here’s an interesting comparison.

I ran for thirty minutes, not particularly fast, but, you know… steady:

Then, I decided that it would be good to spice things up a bit with some intervals, and as I have sort of dropped my Runkeeper class again, I made up my own. I decided to start at the bottom, with three minutes slow, followed by twenty seconds of speed. Nothing groundbreaking in that. Whilst sitting at my desk, dreaming of how fast I would be outside, I came up with several more combinations that I can work through as I get better and better.

Then I got home and did the run:

Turns out, it was exactly the same as when I didn’t bother with the intervals. Is this just because I’ve not got used to running fast, and that bit will improve significantly with time, or is this just another example of my not being built for speed?

Anyway, I didn’t do a 10k this fortnight, but I’m hoping to complete the miracle again sometime soon.

One thought on “2012 Wk 27 & 28 – Three minutes and twenty seconds

  1. Interval training (or mine anyway) isn’t about the overall distance or speed of the run. I use intervals to build up my endurance and stamina for running quickly.

    I’d keep doing an interval run once, or maybe twice, a week and make sure you are challenging yourself to run as fast as you can. After a few weeks I think you should start to see a difference.

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