Thinking outside the box… because you just can’t get in

It’s an acquired taste, for sure, but I do so love this video that’s been doing the rounds this week. A compilation of heaps of unboxing videos, with the hosts desperately trying to get their hands on the Nexus 7 tablet. Stick through the introductions, the good stuff comes later.

How is it possible that Google or Asus or anyone didn’t try and open this box? Where’s the box-opening focus group that should have had a look before it went into production? The packaging looks nice enough, but you know they’re trying too hard if it’s impossible to get in. At least it doesn’t look dangerous though, not like Belkin products. The last time I tried to open one of those, the process required some scissors, a knife, an extra pair of hands, and almost a trip to A&E.

Packaging, people. Simple AND effective, not either or.

Also, how many flipping unboxing videos/podcasts are out there?

6 thoughts on “Thinking outside the box… because you just can’t get in

  1. Isn’t it obvious?

    Apple defined the event of unboxing with well designed packages. Android is the anti-Apple, and therefore it’s boxes should be a parody of those designed by them too?

  2. What would we unbox?

    Now there is a good question. There must be something relevant that starts its life in a box. You could have done the Fantasy Racers trophy but it is a bit late to do that now.

    I will cogitate on what you should unbox.

  3. What would we unbox?

    I don’t know what it would be but for the special occasion of it we’d need to get Rob Smedley in the studio to kick you off by saying, “box this lap”.

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