If it’s not a bunker, it has to be a fort

When we were watching Mission Impossible II, Mr C and I were very taken with the fort that featured at the very end of the movie. Whilst we were meant to be enjoying the big motorcycle sequence, we were busy saying “Where is that? We need to live there.”

Because, whilst an underground bunker is the ideal, there is also a lot to be said for living on a bit of an island, in a military designed fort.

The fort in question, in the movie, is Bare Island in Sydney.

And here’s an outside view of the island, courtesy of Ianz on Flickr.

There don’t seem to be many pictures of the inside of the fort, but I have been to one before and know what that’s about. I’m also thinking I need to go visit another one soon! Love forts!

The only major problems that are standing in the way of this Bare Island plan are twofold. Aside from the fact that it’s on the other side of the world, and not exactly for private use, it’s also a popular place for scuba divers, and there are some rather terrifying snakes.

6 thoughts on “If it’s not a bunker, it has to be a fort

  1. Bare Island was one of my regular weekend cycling routes when I was in Sydney. It was a popular spot and if you lived there you wouldn’t be able to move for middle age men in lycra on a weekend morning!

    It’s quite a cool little island, but the views aren’t so good as it is very close to the airport and a small container port.

    I think you’ll be safe from snakes (not many in that area), but might not be the quietest place for recording a podcast.

  2. I can’t remember if you can actually see the runway from the island, but it’s kind of distance. You can definitely see containers from the port.

  3. Have you been to Nothe Fort in Weymouth? Good views of the bay, some dark dingy tunnel/bunker places which surely can be improved with the right lighting if you were live there. The noise of the jetskis in summer might get annoying though.
    It might not be as warm or as big as the Australian one but it is a bit nearer.
    Definitely worth a visit, I haven’t been for years and years and would like to go back – but probably after the Olympics because it has been turned into a spectator area for the sailing (if you bought a ticket for that, you’ll likely end up there).

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