Terrific tea tasting – Twinings Pure Peppermint and Pure Camomile

After the last edition of my tea tasting adventure, my dad emailed me about the Twinings website, which offers you the chance for some free samples. You get to choose two different flavours and they’ll be sent to you in the post. I opted for two flavours that I thought I wasn’t going to like – thinking that if they were as I expected, I wouldn’t have an entire packet of tea I didn’t want. This was the first envelope I’ve ever gotten with a best before date on!

I took those “ten minutes out to recharge, refresh and relax” at my parents house, meaning I could have my cup of tea in an actual teacup with saucer and everything. Slightly posher than the whole mug experience.

First I tried the peppermint tea.

Twinings Pure Peppermint

£1.19 for 20 teabags (or free!)

What’s your favourite after-dinner mint? Ours is a steaming cup of pure peppermint tea. Made from only the finest peppermint leaves, it’s light and refreshing with a cooling minty taste.

Twinings site

It was actually much nicer than I had expected. I found the tea itself didn’t really taste of anything, but it had a great peppermint smell and left a lovely fresh feeling in my mouth. It was more of an aftertaste than an initial hit to the tastebuds, but I found it suprisingly nice and refreshing.

A while later, I opted for the camomile.

Twinings Pure Camomile

£1.19 for 20 teabags (or free!)

We’ve picked only the most fragrant flowers to make this light and delicate infusion. Its subtle floral taste is perfect for helping you unwind when you need to escape the hustle and bustle.

Twinings site

I was put off almost immediately, I didn’t really like the scent it gave off as it was brewing. Also, the bag and resulting tea were so yellow! I struggle with yellow things. I tried a sip or two, but it really wasn’t for me.

A mixed result then, and I was glad to find the peppermint one a success. The camomile was a disappointment but overall, I’m enjoying this terrific tea tasting experiment!

3 thoughts on “Terrific tea tasting – Twinings Pure Peppermint and Pure Camomile

  1. An interesting (well maybe you should be the judge) factoid is that I have encountered a large number of people who like fresh mint tea who don’t like peppermint tea, but never found anyone who liked peppermint tea who didn’t like fresh mint tea… So maybe you should try it?

    The great thing about Fresh Mint tea is that you just get some fresh mint and put it in some boiling water and then drink the tea (you can take the leaves out if you think it’s going to be messy!)

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