Work in the office, entertained by The Office

Part of the big website overhaul of 2012 includes a lot of my time doing some rather mindless admin/housekeeping tasks – reformatting posts, moving information around, checking lists, etc, etc.

That is my excuse for having managed to watch five seasons of the US version of The Office in an embarrassingly short space of time. I’ve managed to catch up with all that Netflix have on offer, and I enjoyed pretty much all of it. Some of the episodes in the later series dragged a little bit, and there is definitely a change of feeling and tone once [spoiler alert] Jim and Pam get together, but altogether, I’ve liked what I’ve seen.

It’s unusual in a show of this type – subtle moments of genius rather than hard hitting jokes – to be able to pinpoint the best bit, but for me, it is this.

Hands down the funniest clip of five series’ worth, and it still makes me laugh out loud. Poor Michael. Poor Toby!

4 thoughts on “Work in the office, entertained by The Office

  1. I think after series 5 the whole show and story of ‘The Office’ changes too much. It’s good but it becomes too much of a show rather than a mockumentary. That said, I really do love this show. Michael Scott is just one of the best American comedy characters, as if that clip doesn’t prove it enough. 😀

  2. Although there is one more thing I always ask Office fans, I may add, and there’s only one way to approach it….


    Do you prefer secretary Pam or saleswoman Pam?

  3. Do you prefer secretary Pam or saleswoman Pam?

    I’ve been thinking about this, and I really don’t know. I love that we get to see her grow, and I think it’s great for her to have more confidence, but story-wise, I think I liked it better when she was secretary Pam.

  4. I think I liked it better when she was secretary Pam.

    Me too. I think her character suited her more when she was quieter and more reserved but it fits the story as to why she became more bold in how she expresses herself. She’s lovely either way though, her and Jim’s story was such a brilliantly written adventure in the first few seasons. Plus it’s difficult not to find Jenna Fischer lovely no matter what Pam 🙂

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