Everybody look to the right, the other right

The latest phenomenon in reality TV, The Voice UK, came to an end this week, crowning a winner and dishing out a record deal. I stopped watching these talent shows after Hear’Say and Will Young, but for some reason this edition captured the attention of Mr C.

The opening rounds – blind auditions and battle duets – certainly were more interesting than other audition shows I’ve seen, but once it went live it was same old, same old. I wasn’t really a fan of how semi-professional everyone was, and the coaches having to sell themselves to the participants made me very uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, the more it was on my TV, the less it was a talent contest and the more it was a comedy show. The production values were terrible, the presenters awful, Holly’s dresses getting less material each week in direct relation to how many viewers had been lost.

What I did enjoy, very much, was watching the coaches when they got performing – either with their students or with each other. Where else would you get to see some guy off the Script, Tom Jones, Will.i.am and Jessie J singing altogether? Granted, it may not be something you ever wanted to witness, but it doesn’t work out too bad, really.

They started the series with that, which I thought was alright – a spectacle worth seeing.

By the end of the series, it had descended into the following. Car crash TV at its best, and oh how I laughed.

Things I love/hate about this video:

  • Tom Jones clearly couldn’t be bothered to learn the words to The Script song. It’s like… two lines. I know he’s old but dude, make the effort.
  • The transitions between three of the songs are awful, and completely shown up by the final great one between Price Tag and Where is the Love.
  • Will.i.am’s smile!
  • Jessie J doesn’t know her left from her right, despite the fact she must have been singing that song for years.
  • They spend quite a long time on Where is the Love – do they not like the other songs as much?

Meanwhile, the Americans get this awesomeness:

I don’t know if the show is coming back for another series, they were advertising for people to audition after the end of the semi-finals, so they’re certainly hoping it will. Personally, I’d enjoy it more if they just picked four randoms from the world of music and stuck them on a stage for an hour each week. That’s where the interest lies!

2 thoughts on “Everybody look to the right, the other right

  1. They spend quite a long time on Where is the Love – do they not like the other songs as much?

    problem is Will’s a one trick pony. he can only do his one thing, so unless they’re covering a Black Eyed Peas song, it’s a disaster (see first track). he is the best thing on the god’awful show, but it’s still impossible to ‘duet’ with him.

  2. Two white boys, one black boy and a girl. Apparently the same format in every country. Amazing!

    Apparently they are amazingly terrible in every country too. The americans can’t even sing in tune.

    A comedy show indeed 🙂

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