Everybody knows the theme tune

I don’t watch the Graham Norton show. I don’t mind him in small doses but a whole show would be pushing it. However, I saw this clip with Will Smith and Gary Barlow, and loved it!

Everyone knows the words to the theme tune, it’s just one of those cultural things. I particularly love Gary’s input to the rendition though.

2 thoughts on “Everybody knows the theme tune

  1. That was brilliant when it happened. I love how Will still knows it without hesitation after all these years. Tom Jones looks so bemused 🙂

    Does make me wonder though if the audience had the lyrics on the screens above them based on how many people are looking up. But then again, it is the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme tune!

  2. I used to watch Norton religiously but haven’t seen it in ages. By sheer chance I caught this section when it went out. I think this is the fisrt time I have seen a guest sto Graeme pulling the handle. Normally they are diving in to shut someone up.

    What I found interesting is after 3 or 4 words I knew exactly where the guy was going

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