Terrific tea tasting – Pukka morning time

After my first tea tasting post, I finished the box of apple & ginger and the tea really grew on me. I bought a second box as well, and started to wonder if I hadn’t found the very tea I’ve been looking for at my very first attempt. Nevertheless, I browsed the tea aisle of the supermarket for a while, marvelling at the number of different brands and flavours there are. I have quite a job ahead of me!

This time, I opted for something a little less fruity, and was very intrigued by the concept of getting a lift without the caffeine.

Pukka morning time tea

£2.25 for 20 bags

Morning Time tea is a naturally caffeine-free, deliciously sweet and full-bodied blend of uplifting herbs which can be enjoyed with or without milk to help kick start your day.
• Rooibos and honeybush enliven and refresh
• Red ginseng and roasted maca are a perfect natural pick me up
100% organically grown and fairly traded, we hope this is the best rooibos blend you will ever taste

Pukka site

I felt like the individual wrapping of each bag was overkill – it’s nice to be able to reach in and grab a bag without having to open the box, take off the wrapping, unwind the string and then get on with it. Having the string did make it feel quite a posh cuppa though!

The tea wasn’t overpowering in flavour, I’d almost say bland but that implies negative and it wasn’t a bad thing at all. When I’m not keen on milk in my tea, I’ve been having black regular tea and that can be quite strong. This tea felt like a similar experience, but without the bitter taste.

Last time I complained about the presence of liquorice in the apple & ginger tea, although the more I had it, the less I was bothered by it. Turns out this one has liquorice root in it as well. It must be one of those useful ingredients, and in this I couldn’t taste it at all.

It was quite a soft initial flavour, but leaves you with a bit of a kick as it goes down. I quite enjoyed it – I’ve had three cups at this point – but I’m a bit unhappy with how much sediment is left at the bottom. I know it’s part of the experience but it freaks me out a little bit.

I’m not sure how much lift it actually gives me, but I really do think it’s a great replacement for the standard cup of tea. I was impressed and look forward to more cups in the future.