2012 Wk 9, Dear future me

No running for me this week, and boy do I feel guilty about it. I’m seeing tweets of people running super speedy 10k distances, or beating their personal bests, or Jenson Button’s girlfriend completing her first marathon and I just feel awful. Physically, I probably could have managed a week of running but mentally, I was all over the place. Job stuff, car stuff, work/life balance stuff, podcast stuff, it’s all taken over. Some of it is fine, some of it is fantastic, some of it is tough, but whichever it is, it then comes to Sunday and I haven’t done any running and I’ve got a blog post to write to keep my “running diary” up to date.

Really, I wouldn’t have bothered posting anything today except I should say this, as a reminder to myself. I took this week out to get myself together, and I’ve done that. I’m going to start again this coming week but I can’t be disappointed if I’ve forgotten how to run properly. It’s my own fault, and there will be no complaining when I have to get back over that “returning to running hump” yet again.. Hear that, future me?

One thought on “2012 Wk 9, Dear future me

  1. No worries. Take stock, draw a line under it and move on. Tomorrow is the first day in a new week.

    I ran for the first time in two weeks today and there’s always a worry that you’ll do badly. But it doesn’t matter anyway as long as you get out there and have a go. The days are getting longer and warmer now, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to catch up πŸ™‚

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