That weirdo with three colours in her hair

I think I’ve blogged on several occasions about my love/hate relationship with hairdresser. Mostly, it falls on the side of hate, I will grant you.

The trouble is, that I don’t really like being made a fuss of in such a fashion, and having strangers riffling through my hair isn’t fun. The answer is to not be a stranger to a salon but with life how it has been for the past few years, I’ve not managed to find one that a) I’ve liked and b) I’ve stayed living next to.

That may or may not be about to change after my second visit to my latest hairdresser.

Firstly, the girl that has done two cuts for me now looks just like Carey Mulligan. Secondly, the girl doing the colour for me today didn’t roll her eyes at me when I was completely clueless. Thirdly, they forced me to book my next appointment – which is good really because otherwise I would leave it months.

And, finally, they made my hair pretty!

5 thoughts on “That weirdo with three colours in her hair

  1. SiMoN was referring to your hair (Chestnut), Iris (Stale Grey),and Sciera (Bone White) respectfully, {I hope…}. πŸ˜›

    My model paints say Dark Copper, Chestnut (Red Brown), and Raw Umber (Dark Chocolate shade). “Normal” guys say “Brown”.

  2. Looks great!

    I go to the same hairdresser and always have the same lady cut my hair. She does a great job and she’s really nice – she forces me to speak in Danish too, which is a bonus…

  3. I love going to the hairdressers and having someone make a fuss of me. My favourite bit is having my hair washed, especially if I get a scalp massage. I love the new colours. They are noticeable without being too much, beautiful.

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