2012 Wk 7, I would walk/run 500 miles/kilometres

During the week, I managed two runs which isn’t quite up to the amount I want but is close enough. Finally, my new shoes are broken in and the problems I was experiencing are all gone. The only issue I’m left with is that the flat of my feet feel a bit weird once I take the shoes off. I’m assuming this is something I will get used to. I don’t remember it being a problem with my first shoes but it was quite a while ago.

Today, I went for my long run but decided to stay in the local area rather than go to the “weekend” route. It’s one of those things where I have to get in the car and make more of an effort to go to that one and I wasn’t sure I had the energy today. Rather go out on the less fun route but ensure I did actually go out.

So, 5km complete but not in particularly good time, due to all them hills.

This run also put me over the 500km complete mark on Runkeeper. Woot!

One thought on “2012 Wk 7, I would walk/run 500 miles/kilometres

  1. Congratulations!

    Sounds like your running is in the ascendancy as mine moves in the opposite direction. I’ve been nursing a knee gremlin for a month now and it doesn’t seem to be clearing up despite trying quite a few things in conjunction with my physio.

    I’m supposed to be racing in a couple of weeks, but I think I might have to pull out.

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