The new Windows 8 logo – it’s a window into their creativity

The new Windows 8 logo was revealed today. I love Windows, I truly do, but this is an eyesore to say the least.

I like that it’s a window instead of a flag. That’s a good thing. Previous iterations of the logo have not necessarily made sense. If my window was wibbling about the way those logos did then I’d be seriously concerned.

However, the single colour is a radical change, and not particularly one for the better. Going mono-colour can be a good thing, but you have to choose your shade carefully and I’m not sure this blue monstrosity shows many hours of thought. Equally, the window, which is showing some fabulous perspective, also totally isn’t.

The cross that symbalises the frame has no perspective on it at all. Is that a conscious decision or did someone in the design department get a bit lazy? That’s the kind of rookie mistake I would make. Granted, I didn’t notice until it was pointed out to me, but now I can see it, it does throw the whole thing out of proportion and it just looks weird.

If we’re going into serious detail, in the text, the dot of the ‘i’ looks far too close to the W, and above it, which is striking. What font has super-high dots in it?

One final thought, I know that people need to ruthlessly chase their copyright and trademark and suchlike in case of losing it, but is it really necessary to put not one, but two sub and super-script items in the logo itself? Argh!

In conversation with Mr C, his main concern is the fact that creating a logo specifically for Windows 8 puts a very limited shelf life on a design. “Why can’t they just design a logo for Windows?” he says. I do bring up the fact that Apple have a lion, and a leopard to demonstrate their new versions, but I don’t know if they count as logos. “The 8 just means it’s only going to last this long,” Mr C says.

“Until they change it to a 9,” we both say together.

The idea of this logo seeing us through two future versions of the OS is a rather depressing one.

9 thoughts on “The new Windows 8 logo – it’s a window into their creativity

  1. It’s not very nice and I shudder to think how much Microsoft paid somebody to design that for them and how long it took to come up with it.

    I think the window frame would have had more impact if the perspective was going the other giving a more front on appearance.

  2. Unfortunately there were probably hours and hours, nay days, of meetings to get the dot of the i a bit too high, the mullions without perspective and the exactly nondescript shade of blue.
    The font tweaks like the i’s dot are probably needed to make it a copyright-able logo rather than just someone typing the word Windows in any ordinary font they could buy.

    Don’t worry about the limited lifespan of including the 8 in the logo though – they’ve changed the logo for Windows with every release anyway. 7’s was not the same as Vista’s (not that many people saw Vista’s) and that was different to XP’s (but then that was so long ago no one remembers it any more).

  3. When I worked at (an even bigger) multinational who wanted to re-brand they hired some expensive consultants. The end result was that the logo moved from the start of the company name to the end. It was the equivalent of moving the window to the far side of the number ‘8’. We didn’t get a change in type face, colour or anything else.

    We reportedly paid these consultants $5m for the privalege!! I’m sure it had some amazing media speak to justify it though.

    The mind boggles sometimes it really does.

  4. Nice. I just bought a Windows 7 laptop and now Windows 8 is happening.

    I am really gutted Techcrunch beat me to te punch on that one. My first reaction was 4 blue screens of death and why would Microsoft ever choose a logo that was so obviously going to be thought of like that.

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