2012 Wk 3, Back to normality

After last week’s enforced break thanks to some poorly timed germs, it was hard going to get back into it this week, but I didn’t do too badly.

Went out on Monday and Tuesday – both of which felt like I had wooden legs and had forgotten how to use them. It was bitterly cold, and in places it was frosty, and as it is quite dark I was stepping carefully. That wouldn’t help my speed, but I can’t pretend I was capable of anything spectacular anyway.

Wednesday was a rest day, and then it was to Thursday, where I finally felt like I had been out for a run before. So far, my “record” for these January dark evening runs is 3.5km, and this was 3.49km, so almost back to normality.

Then today’s longer run. I was battling an awful headwind for the first kilometre or so, and I do so hate the wind. It felt like I was going nowhere, and I know my time reflected that. However, I gradually picked up the pace and was amazed to find that I clawed the average back to 8:28 by the end.

What I like about my new route is that it is somewhat shaped like a lollipop. Run one kilometre in a straight line, then round in a circle and back down again. Potentially, if I was feeling adventurous, I could attempt more than one circle. Maybe one day.

One thought on “2012 Wk 3, Back to normality

  1. What I like about my new route is that it is somewhat shaped like a lollipop
    What a sentance!

    I admire your motivation running in the Engish winter, I found it quite tough when I was home over Christmas.

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