2012 Wk 2, The opposite of a well-earned break

This week has been a complete bust. I came down with a sore throat that developed into a cold and kept me indoors all week. I was starting to feel better on Friday, and thought I might get out today, but I think it might be moving into my chest and I want to be a bit more precautionary than reactionary. I know January hates me, and I don’t want to give it any more opportunity.

It’s frustrating, because I really wanted to use the month to get into a routine, but two weeks in and it’s ruined already! Never mind. Plenty more weeks to come.

I did do some running related things this week though, getting my hands on two new pairs of jogging trousers. One of them is from Adidas and has the white stripes down the side. I was quite chuffed to a) finally own a pair of white stripes to be used for their proper purpose and b) to own one with three stripes meaning it is not a cheapo imitation!

I got two different pairs and one doesn’t quite fit right, it’s a little tight. I suppose that just gives me inspiration to run a bit more so that at some point I can try and fit into it.

Whilst I was tucked up under a duvet sniffling (from the cold, not from the ill-fitting trousers), I watched the BBC’s coverage of the Great Edinburgh Cross Country event. Cross Country is crazy, running through mud, up and down hills and leaping over streams and suchlike. It was great to watch though. I was astounded at the story of Steph Twell, who broke her ankle in three places during a race in Belgium and then is brave enough to go out again. I just think I wouldn’t be able to face running on uneven ground again if that had happened to me.

It also made me ponder how athletes cope with colds. Clearly they can’t turn up to the Olympics, all trained and ready to go, and then say “nah, I’ve got the sneezes” but if your nose is bunged up that must surely ruin your breathing pattern?

Anyway, for me, it has been lots of thinking this week and not so much doing. Hopefully next week will be different.

3 thoughts on “2012 Wk 2, The opposite of a well-earned break

  1. From what I’ve read, it’s OK to run at reduced speed appropriate to how you are feeling on the day if you have a cold provided it’s just a runny nose, sore throat or similar. “Reduced speed” can, if you feel it appropriate, be as slow as a gentle walk. It’s not OK to try running with a chest cold, so being cautious was the right thing to do. Give yourself a pat on the back πŸ™‚

    Athletes can and do all sorts of things to get through races that would be completely inadvisable in training. Vitamin C, cold remedies and the like are useful for fighting off the symptoms of cold but are not a substitute for not running when one is ill.

  2. I don’t run when I am sick, because I get worse when the recovery starts. Just take a few days off until you feel up to it again. Sometimes a break can be good for you anyway – relieve any persistent aches you may be having for example…

    At the moment I am only able to run once a week, which is OK but it makes starting out harder. I wouldn’t want to wait any longer between runs and I’ll try and get back to twice a week as soon as things calm down a bit…

  3. While I was home in the UK at Christmas I bought a ‘Team GB’ Olympics top. I thought it would be cool to wear it round Sydney and support my home team. Wearing it on the weekend I got told that I didn’t look fit enough to be an Olympic athlete!

    I did monster cross country run on the weekend and am suffering a bit today. I walked the final 3km. I had a few minutes wondering why I wasn’t mentally tough enough to push on, but then realised it was only a training run. There’s no point getting an injury before the big day.

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